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Frequently Asked Questions

Participating in one of our tournaments is just the beginning of a long-lasting relationship between us and your teams/athletes. Be it tournament knowledge, or help planning your next trip to our facilities, if you need us for any reason, we urge you to reach us:

(951) 405-3078 or director@silverlakestournaments.com

In the meantime here’s a list of questions we’re frequently asked, with some helpful answers.

Q: Will Benches and E-Z ups be provided?

A: Yes, SilverLakes will provide a team bench and E-Z up for each team.

Q: Is there a place to purchase food and drinks?

A: Yes, SilverLakes has a full restaurant and bar located at our Field House (Insert Link). The Field House is open in the morning and will remain open till 10pm. We also offer our concession stand in front of the Field House as well as several Out Posts located throughout the Park.

Q: How much is it to park at SilverLakes?

A: A car is $10 per day to park and an RV is $25 per day to park.

Q: Are dogs allowed at SilverLakes?

A: SilverLakes Park does not allow pets of any kind at the park. For the safety of everyone we ask that no pets be brought to the facility. This does not include service animals that have the proper labeled harness. If your dog is not wearing the proper harness you will be asked to remove your pet from the facility.

Q: When and where do my team check in prior to the first game?

A: Teams must check in at the MANDATORY REGISTRATION. Check in is a minimum of 45 minutes before your first game at the field marshal tent near your field. Failure to check in will result in automatic disqualification (without reimbursement) from the tournament. Please bring your player cards!

Q: Do players need to be present at Check In?

A: No, players are not required at check in.

Q: Do I need to check my team in at the Field Marshal tent prior to every game?

A: No, the only time you need to visit the Check In tent is prior to your first game. After that you will go directly to your field and check in with the referees. Please remember to give your player cards to the referee prior to each game and be sure to collect them after each game.

Q: Do I need to print and bring the match report?

A: No, we will print all needed paperwork and you will not be required to print anything for check in.

Q: When do the Rosters need to be finalized?

A: All rosters must be complete 2 weeks prior to the event.

Q: Are we required to stay in the SilverLakes Preferred Hotels?

A: If you are traveling and a hotel is needed then we ask you to please stay in one of our preferred hotels. We have worked hard to secure the best rates and the best hotels in the area.

Q: How is the flight placement decided?

A: SilverLakes has a tournament committee that evaluates each team and their playing history. We do NOT use GotSoccer Rankings. We look at actual play and those results. We recommend that you fill in the history section with the most up to date playing history.

Q: When will the accepted teams list be posted?

A: Our goal is to post the accepted teams within one week of the registration deadline. This can change so please check the tournament page directly.

Q: When will schedules be posted?

A: It is always our goal to have schedules posted three weeks in advance. This can change so be sure to check the tournament page for updates.

Still have questions that weren’t answered?