Trace Sports Performance -

All-in-one game film system for video highlights and performance analytics

More Than Just A Camera

SilverLakes continues its partnership with Trace Soccer to provide teams with unlimited game recordings, automatic video editing, player performance metrics, leaderboards, and recruiting tools. 

Teams have the opportunity to use Trace for free at the 2021 Silverlakes Summer Showcase. Simply sign up here by 07/20 for more information.

Trace Sports Performance -

Automatic Editing, Delivered to your Inbox

Trace is the only soccer camera system that automatically edits game footage for each player. Every player on teams using Trace will get a personalized playlist of their moments from each match. Personalized moments drastically increase engagement with game film, as opposed to many other soccer camera systems that deliver only full game footage that rarely gets watched by players. Player’s can quickly review their playlist of moments on any device while the game is fresh.

“Video was a hassle for us before Trace. Figuring out who was going to travel with the Hi-Pod, figuring out when and where we were going to do a film session, getting kids to watch film, constantly bugging players to edit out clips so that we could send them to interested college coaches. It was a huge headache. Trace eliminated that headache and expanded what we were able to offer the club.” 

Josh Hodges, Legends FC Founder and Executive Director

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Team and Player Performance Metrics

Alongside the game video, teams will receive performance metrics that help players develop faster and let coaches understand how the team performed. Metrics like Top Speed, Distance Ran, Minutes Played, Stamina, and Max Efforts give players a way to benchmark their progress from game to game.

Trace iD: The Future of College Soccer Recruiting

Every player also has access to their very own Trace iD, a curated profile that features their best moments, links to full game footage, and useful player information. Trace iD is the easiest way for players to organize and share their best highlights with college recruiters. Within seconds, players can add new moments to their Trace iDs, arrange them to feature their best moments first, and easily share the URL with college coaches. No more paying for highlight reels that get quickly outdated!

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Summer Showcase 2017

Some moments from last year

Learn more and talk to the Trace team today.