Trace Sports Performance -

All-in-one game film system for video highlights and performance analytics

More Than Just A Camera

Automatic Game Filming + Editing

As an additional perk for teams attending, SilverLakes has arranged for Trace to film select games over the weekend! Trace will be filming 100 FREE games!

Trace Sports Performance -

If you’re team is selected, you can expect:

  • Personalized moment playlists delivered to the player’s inbox after each game.
  • Trace iD, our own showcase platform, for every player, parent, and coach.
  • Exclusive content and development tips from Trace’s on-staff experts. 
  • Equipment set up & takedown by Trace staff

Get Noticed with Trace + Trace iD:

  • All games will be available to view, download, and share, players and teams will appear in Trace’s Tournament Leaderboards, and every player can create a Trace iD showcase profile.

Summer Showcase 2017

Some moments from last year

Learn more and talk to the Trace team today.