Please take a moment to read through this page carefully, it will assist you with any questions you may have.

The Tournament Committee advises you to immediately do the following:

1. Submit travel documents for USYSA teams outside of Region IV through your appropriate sanctioning organization. For US Club a copy of your US Club roster printed from the US Club website. Participation in the Tournament is conditioned upon proper receipt of the appropriate travel documentation.

2. Make hotel reservations using the Hotels page Click Here. Booking a hotel is not mandatory. If you do need a hotel we recommend that you take advantage of our Hotel partner and receive great support and discounts.

3. Complete your player roster in your on-line application is complete and up-to-date at all times. Remember that each player 13 and older will receive an activation link so that they can update their player profiles for the colleges to view. To learn more about the TGS Player Profiles and how they work at our showcase events Click Here.

4. MANDATORY REGISTRATION – Teams must check in at the MANDATORY REGISTRATION. Check in is a minimum 30 minutes before your first game at the field marshal tent near your field. Failure to check in will result in automatic disqualification (without reimbursement) from the tournament. Please bring your official Team check in form located in your team account under the Silverlakes Showcase event. Click Here to see an example of the form.

Team Certification and Registration

At registration, teams must submit the following documentation depending on the affiliation status of the team (USYSA, US Club, and Super Y League). All of the players on the team must play with the proper affiliation documentation (USYSA, US Club, and Super Y League). Each player must be playing under the same affiliation documentation. There cannot be a mixture of player cards from different affiliations.

Failure to submit the required documents will result in the team or individual players being disqualified from participation.

Teams Registered with Cal South or US Club

1. Player Cards. Valid, laminated player cards with a photograph for the 2017/2018 season for each player.

2. Medical Release Forms. Medical release forms signed by a parent or guardian for each team member.

4. Team Roster/Game Card. At Registration, each team will be given a Team Roster/Game Card form to complete. Once finalized at Registration, players not listed on the Team Roster/Game Card will not be allowed to play. Only players with complete appropriate documentation will be allowed to appear on the Team Roster/Game Card. Team rosters will be printed from the team’s application in the TGS on-line system.

College Recruiting

1. Make sure all of your players have activated their TGS player account and have updated all of their information.

2. As a manager you can see which players are missing grad years, GPA, and jersey numbers. It is located in your TGS team account under the event (Silverlakes Showcase) on the dashboard.

3. All players schedules will automatically be attached to their player profile accounts.

4. College coaches will use the TGS system to obtain player information from their mobile devices or computer. It is important that all players accounts are up to date.

Field Assignments & Schedules

Schedules released in advance of the tournament are subject to change. Reconfirm your schedule. Pay particular attention to field assignment for each of the days. Field assignments may change during the tournament.

Silverlakes Showcase Website

Every effort has been made to display ALL NECESSARY information, rules, and news on the website. If you are unable to locate the appropriate information on the website and need to call the Tournament Director, please call and leave a message indicating:

  • Your Name and the Team you are representing
  • Your Question
  • Your Contact Phone Number

On behalf of Silverlakes Tournament Committee, we wish you all the best in your participation in the Silverlakes Showcase!

US Soccer Scouting

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