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Boys 2015-2004

September 3rd – 5th, 2022

Tournament Updates

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Coaches & Administrators, as we prepare for the tournament this weekend, we wanted to share a quick update on how we will be managing the temperatures for this weekend. We encourage you to share this information with your players and families.

We encourage all participants and families to download the SilverLakes Tournament app. We will be sending push notifications out through the app to communicate any changes. Apple Google


We are asking all coaches to remind and encourage their players to hydrate this week, before matches, and after every match.
We will provide Gatorade and water at the fields throughout the complex.
We have built 4 “Hydration” stations throughout the grass fields with cooling fans, water, ice, and cooling towels.
We will have a dedicated water station and the shaded area underneath the large white tent next to the Fieldhouse.


We are encouraging all families to bring shade for the games.
We are encouraging teams to bring a canopy for the players to rest in before the warmup.
We are providing canopies over all benches for shade during the game.
We will have additional canopies throughout the complex for players to sit under.
We have an air-conditioned fieldhouse for families to rest in.
We have an air-conditioned terrace above the fieldhouse for all coaches and referees.


We are not using turf fields for this event. All games will be played on the grass.
We are modifying the championship games to Monday morning in the two earliest time slots.
We have modified Sunday fields to be the first few slots of the day and will take a 4-hour break during the hottest part of the day and play games later in the evening.
We are still adjusting the schedule today and will be complete by Thursday morning.
We have protocols in place based on the heat index for all three days of the event.


White zone 65-80 degrees
(No adjustments)

Yellow zone 81-98 degrees

coaches are encouraged to take extra steps to protect their players. Make sure to hydrate players often. Consider the length of the warm-up.
the tournament will implement (1) 2 min water break during each half (running clock)
Orange zone 99-103 degrees

all measures taken in the yellow zone; coaches are encouraged to also take frequent breaks.
the tournament will implement (2) 2 min water breaks during each half (running clock)
10-minute half time

Red zone 104- 109

all measures taken in yellow & orange zone.
7v7 will be reduced to 20-minute halves with 15-minute half time
9v9 will be reduced to 25-minute halves with 15-minute half time
11v11 will be reduced to 35-minute halves with 15-minute half time

Black zone 110+ degrees

all games will be reduced to penalty kicks.
If a game is stopped, and goals have been scored, the score will stand. If stopped at 0-0 teams will go to penalty kicks.

***The Tournament Directors are working with our medical staff and have the right to modify game lengths and cancel or suspend games. If the decision is to make any modifications the teams will be notified prior to kick-off.

We will have a medical team on-site that consists of athletic trainers and 4 EMTs. They will continue to monitor the temperature throughout the event and guide us through our heat index and protocols. Referee coordinators will keep the communication going with all fields and referees.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to reach out. We will continue to keep you updated as we move forward.

Current Match Times

2015 – 2011 – 30 minute halves
2010 – 2008 – 35 minute halves
2007 – 2005 – 40 minute halves

Important Links

Cost for 2015-2013 Age Group

7v7 $799

  • 3 Games Guaranteed
  • All Games at One Venue
  • Player Gifts
  • 7v7
Cost for 2012-2011 Age Group

9v9 $999

  • 3 Games Guaranteed
  • All Games at One Venue
  • Player Gifts
  • 2011 option of 11v11 or 9v9 as per SoCal League
Cost for 2011-2003 Age Group

11v11 $1199

  • 3 Games Guaranteed
  • All Games at One Venue
  • Player Gifts
  • 2011 option of 11v11 or 9v9 as per SoCal League

Why SilverLakes Tournaments Are World Class

Best Awards & Ceremonies

Quality Medals and other Champions Gifts

Coaches Lounge

Catered Food, Lounge Area, Terrace View of Fields

Player Activities All Weekend

Toca Football, Teqball, and more

Play on Quality Fields

20 Bermuda Grass Fields

Golf Carts provided for Directors

No Coaching Conflicts

Other Information

Division Level Placement
During the application process, teams can choose to apply to the Top Flight, Middle Flight, Lower Flight or Let the Tournament Decide.  The tournament selection committee will review each application and will make placements based upon each team’s previous record, the number of teams that have applied, etc.  It is not guaranteed that a team will be placed in the flight that they applied for.

Game Schedule
Game schedules will be posted a minimum of 1 week prior to the start of the tournament. We make every effort to get the schedule out as soon as possible.

Field Set-up
Team benches, E-Z Ups, Gatorade, and water will be provided to all teams at each field.

Team Check-In
All player Check-In will be completed online. On the day of the event teams must check-in at the MANDATORY REGISTRATION. Check-in is a minimum of 30 minutes before your first game at the field marshal tent near your field. Failure to check-in will result in automatic disqualification (without reimbursement) from the tournament. At the in-person check-in, you will verify your roster and pick up your team gift. After this check-in, you are free to enjoy the rest of the event and your check-in duties are done.

Games will kick off on Saturday morning as early as 7:45 am. Group play will be on Saturday and Sunday with some semi-finals being played Sunday as well. The remaining semi-finals and all finals will be held on Monday. The last games will be on Monday with the latest start time kicking off no later than 3 pm.

Tournament Parking
It is $12 per car and $25 per RV to park at SilverLakes Park per day.

Tournament Merchandise
Tournament merchandise will be on site and sold near the main headquarters.

SilverLakes Park does not allow pets of any kind at the park. For the safety of everyone, we ask that no pets be brought to the facility. This does not include service animals that have the properly labeled harness.

Housing Policy
All participating teams who are traveling from outside of 70 miles and are in need of a hotel are required to book hotel reservations though TRAVELING TEAMS®.

TRAVELING TEAMS® guarantees the best lowest rates and they will be handling our communications through hotels and any special perks that are available for our guests coming to SilverLakes Tournaments.

Benefits of Booking Through Traveling Teams

  • Competitive hotel rates with price ranges that can satisfy all participants and families alike.
  • All members of a team will remain together in close proximity to the venue.
  • We seek to provide hotels that cater to teams including complimentary breakfast and other amenities.
  • A dedicated Team Travel Coordinator, as well as a full-service call center, is provided to handle all of your booking necessities.  Learn More

Tournament Application
If you have any trouble with your TGS account including username and password please contact TGS Tech Support

If you need more information about the Summer Cup please contact our tournament director – EMAIL.