A great summer showcase with over 4,500 athletes!

It was a packed weekend at SilverLakes with over 4,500 young athletes pursuing their dreams to take their athletic careers to the next level.  The event was our SilverLakes Summer Showcase presented by Fletcher Jones of Southern California.  The athletes and attendees alike were treated to special opportunities to make their experience memorable and enjoyable.

Athlete’s were able to cool down under their team tents with special misters, attendees were encouraged to rest under our hydration stations proudly sponsored by Fletcher Jones and our College Coaches enjoyed hospitality in an air conditioned tent with special Fletcher Jones beverage carts driving the fields to make sure all of their needs were taken care of.

These opportunities are important moments for these young athletes to pursue their athletic career and we want them to focus on great play! We look forward to hosting our next Showcase, November 25-27.