SilverLakes Summer Showcase 2019 Recap

SL Showcase

Our last phase in our Summer Series is the SilverLakes Summer Showcase. In other words, we saved the best for last.

With over 370+ teams that participated and 28% of those teams from out of state, the complex was packed with players eager to make an impression. There were over 180+ college coaches and recruiters that participated in the event.

The first day of the tournament was packed with great games and fun activities to do around the complex. From the Adidas Panna court to the Kwik Goal skills challenge, it was a blast for the players and families. College coaches and team coaches enjoy a Friday Night social with live music, refreshments, and artisan food.

For the second day, the ISLCup returned for matchday 3. The ISLCup was a great event to go alongside the SLShowcase, giving the players and families a chance to see top teams from Germany, Mexico, and the USA. On Saturday night, the players had a chance to take a break from games and enjoy a night full of fun. The Summer Splash event provided players an escape to have fun with their friends in sunny Southern California. There were games, live music, giant waterslides, ziplines, and more for the players and their families to enjoy.

The last day approached and we announced the winners for the SLShowcase giveaway. Congrats to @aamandascott, @sofiacapelletti, @lucyyparkhurst, @jonathanbrandon_5, and @sophiacjeter again for entering and winning big prizes! As the final games came to an end, it capped off the SLShowcase with some great soccer to watch.

Thanks to our sponsors Adidas, Soccerloco, Gatorade, Kwik Goal, and more for making the SLShowcase an event to remember. We will see you for our Fall Showcase in November!

-SL Team