SilverLakes Summer Cup 2019 Recap

The 3rd annual SilverLakes Summer Cup was this past weekend, and it was nothing short of awesome. There was a total of 100+  teams that participated in the event and 4 of those teams were out of state. The games were competitive and the venue was of course, world-class.

We were excited to get this tournament going as it is the first in our Summer Series. It kicked off the summer for us and will set us up for the International SilverLakes Cup and Summer Showcase this week.

Each year, the teams participating grow and we plan to make it bigger in the coming years. Our goal for the Summer Cup is to give younger teams a chance to experience a quality tournament that cares for the coaches and players.

The winning teams for the #SLCup 2019:


Flight 1: AC Brea – B07 PDA

Flight 2: Arsenal FC – B07 DA II


Flight 1: Legends FC 08 Pre Academy

Flight 2: Arsenal FC B08 DA Team 2


Flight 1: Legends FC – B09 Pre Academy 1


Flight 1: Inter-America – Azteca FC 2010


Flight 1: Rebels SC – 2011 Academy Morales


Flight 1: Real So Cal – G07 Pre Academy I

Flight 2: CDA Slammers FC – G07 Fullerton Lubello


Flight 1: Slammers FC – G08 PA/AW

Flight 2: TBD


Flight 1: Legends FC G09

Flight 2: Slammers FC – G09 LB


Flight 1: Legends FC – G10

Flight 2: Total Futbol Academy – SGV – Pasadena G10


Flight 1: Legends FC – G11 Gold