International SilverLakes Cup 2019 Recap

We hosted our 2nd annual International SilverLakes Cup this past weekend and we loved every minute of it. The teams that attended and participated were the reigning champs, Hertha Berlin BSC, Stuttgart VFB, LA Galaxy Academy, Xolos, Crossfire Premier, and our newly formed SilverLakes All-star team.

The tournament had everything from rocket goals, to vital saves, and tough tackles. Hertha Berlin won all 4 of their games which gave them back-to-back ISLCup titles. Stuttgart was on top of the table in the tournament for 3 days. However, a crucial penalty save from the SilverLakes All-star team goalkeeper gave Stuttgart their first draw of the tournament and allowed Hertha Berlin to take the top spot.

With that draw, Hertha Berlin just had to win their next game to confirm their back-to-back ISLCup titles. Hertha Berlin, although tough in the beginning, they ultimately beat a resilient Crossfire Premier to become champions. The top goalscorer was given to Hertha Berlin players, Ruwen Werthmuller and the best goalkeeper was given to Florian Palmowski.

We were honored to host such prestigious teams from Germany, Mexico, and the USA. Thank you to all the players, coaches, and fans that participated in the tournament. Can’t wait to see you guys again next year!

-SL Team