TGS Officially Signs Partnership


Total Global Sports’ new innovative software and mobile apps for Players, Colleges, Teams and Clubs is powering the advancement.

Total Global Sports (TGS), an innovator in online sports management tools, to create a cutting edge online platform for Silverlakes events and facility management. All players attending Silverlakes events have a seamless connection to college coaches across the country. In addition,  players will have a new ability to optimize their recruiting profile visibility and impact to college coaches in the embedded college software system.

“With Silverlakes vision, we felt that our product would be the perfect fit. Our integrated college recruitment system, event system, and new facility management system use cutting edge technology which mirrors Silverlakes needs as they are in the forefront with the top sports facility in America. Our unique partnership will serve players, colleges, and fans better than ever.” said Steve Patterson, Total Global Sports Chief Executive Officer.

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